How A Solar Water Heater Works

SunStream 150 Solar Geysers

Left tubes are the absorber of the solar water heating unit. They soak up solar power converting it into heat for use in water home heating. Vacated tubes have currently been used for several years in South Africa, Germany, Canada, China and also the UK. There are a number of types of vacated tubes in use in the solar sector. Completely Solar collectors like what SunScan Technologies┬ásells utilize one of the most common “twin glass tube”. This kind of tube is chosen for its reliability, efficiency and reduced production cost.

Each vacated tube consists of 2 glass tubes made from incredibly solid borosilicate glass. The top of the two tubes are integrated with each other and also the air had in the room in between the two layers of glass is pumped out while exposing the tube to high temperature levels.

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Solar energy generated from the sun is the best way to collect power you can use for your home. Your water heater usually takes up to 50% of your power bill so you’ll want to focus on getting a new solar powered one first. Companies like Sunscan which sells solar geysers in Durban is reliable and have guarantees on their panels and products.

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